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In January 2008, at the direction of the Henderson County Commissioners, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office joined forces with the Henderson County Animal Shelter to provide comprehensive animal services in Henderson County. Our Animal Enforcement squad will respond to rigorously investigate animal abuse, neglect and enforce the animal noise ordinance.

Animal Enforcement Officers will enforce animal laws in accordance with Henderson County Ordinances, North Carolina Criminal Statutes and United States Federal Law. Additionally, Animal Enforcement Officers will investigate any crime as it relates to domestic animals.

All calls for service shall be referred and dispatched through Henderson County Communications at (828) 697-4911.

All dog, cat and feral animal bites are required by law to be reported to the Sheriff’s Office. Biting animals must be quarantined at home, the animal shelter, or a State approved facility for TEN DAYS. Animals confined shall not be released from confinement except by permission from the County Director of Public Health or his designee. The victim shall be notified of the outcome of the quarantine.

If an animal already has rabies when it bites, the disease will manifest and/or kill the animal in six to ten days.

If a wild animal bites or attacks a human, and emergency medical attention is not warranted, referral to the victim’s own doctor is imperative. If the animal is caught it should be euthanized and tested. If the results are positive for rabies, the victim should be contacted and referred to their physician for further treatment.

A minor scratch or claw mark does not need to be reported nor does the animal need to be quarantined or tested for rabies.

The Henderson County Noise Ordinance permits the Sheriff’s Office to impound a barking dog at the deputy’s discretion for a second or subsequent violation for one business day.

Impounded Animals shall be held at the Henderson County Animal Services Center at 828 Stoney Mountain Road. (Hours of Operation are Monday – Friday, 8:00am -4:30pm and Saturday from 9:30am – 2:00pm).

In Order to reclaim your animal please be aware of the following:

• Animals cannot be reclaimed until the next business day during regularly scheduled hours at the Animal Services Center.

• You must pay all fines and fees before the animal will be released including a possible $50 fine per violation, a reclaim fee of $30 and boarding fee of $3.00 per day.

• Animals must be reclaimed within 5 business days of impoundment. Animals not reclaimed within 5 business days may be adopted out or humanely destroyed.


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